Here is a small selection of my work from the last few years. In addition to my public facing writing, I've also written memos, academic papers, and reviews across a myriad of topics in development, politics, and business. Feel free to reach out if any of my work interests you!
Most recently I have been writing on my Substack, Chai Masala
Adapting to Extreme Heat Exposure in South Asia
Honorable mention winning entry to the Open Philanthropy Cause Exploration Prize
Rajasthan Election: Why Does the Government Oscillate Between BJP and Congress?
Analysing an Indian state election in the run up to 2024
Data journalism during the early throes of the Covid pandemic
Future is Bright? Impact of Constituency Dev. Funds in India
Economics senior thesis advised by Prof. Rohini Pande
For the People: Impact of Democratisation on Economic Inequality
Statistics senior thesis advised by Prof. Yuichi Kitamura
My Goodbye to All That
On loving and living with leaving New York
Diaspora Blues
Chronicles of an early-stage diaspora life
Center for Edginess, Intellect and Dorks
Finding comfort in an unlikely corner of a college campus
Milk Tea Tea Milk 
A missive on chai
Giving What We Can
I led a project at GWWC to write a series of posts dispelling common myths and misconceptions around effective altruism
EA career guide for people from LMICs
I led a project to adapt conventional EA guidance for people from low and middle income countries, resulting in an EA Forum post with over 250 upvotes.
Some pieces from years well-served in the Yale Daily News (in addition to photojournalism)