I am Surbhi (she/her/hers). I currently work on the Field Technology team at GiveDirectly, helping enable and scale unconditional cash transfers to people living in extreme poverty around the world. 
I graduated from Yale where I majored in Economics and Statistics & Data Science. I am originally from Delhi and currently based in New York City. As you will see on my website, I love photography, writing, data, and books
I try to share glimpses of my daily life on Instagram and rant about daily news on Twitter. This website is an eternal work in progress.
Over the years I have been blessed to receive advice from people much wiser than me and I'd love to pay it forward. Please reach me through the form below if there is anything I can help with (from being an Indian international student in the US to navigating career changes and adulthood or anything else). I am also open for photography and writing commissions.
You can also leave me anonymous feedback here.
Thank you for your message! If I don't respond to you in a week, the message may have gotten lost. Feel free to DM me on other platforms!