I am Surbhi (she/her/hers). I am currently pursuing a joint MPA in International Development and MBA at the Harvard Kennedy and Business schools.
Previously, I worked on the Technology team at GiveDirectly, helping enable and scale unconditional cash transfers to people living in extreme poverty around the world. I graduated from Yale where I majored in Economics and Statistics & Data Science. I am originally from Delhi and currently based in Boston. As you will see on my website, I love photographydata, and books.
I occasionally reflect on big questions on my Substack, share glimpses of my daily life on Instagram, and rant about daily news on Twitter. This website is an eternal work in progress.
Over the years I have been blessed to receive advice from people much wiser than me and I'd love to pay it forward. Please reach me through the form below if there is anything I can help with (from being an Indian international student in the US to navigating career changes and adulthood or anything else). 
I also offer photography and admissions counselling services for a fee, though if you are from an underrepresented minority or underprivileged background, I will always try to make it work.​​​​​​​
Thank you for your message! If I don't respond to you in a week, the message may have gotten lost. Feel free to DM me on other platforms!